Elementary School
About Us
Joel Grant

Mission Statement
   "Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and is empowered for success as a citizen in a global community."       
Vision Statement
   Our goal is 100% student success!         
Daily Schedule
   8:40am      Breakfast Line Begins
   9:00am      School Starts
   12:15pm    1st Lunch/Recess
   12:45pm    2nd Lunch/Recess
   3:20pm      Bus Dismissal
   3:25pm      Walker Dismissal
   3:30pm      Car Rider Dismissal
Dress Code
   Student appearance reflects an attitude of pride and respect in self, school and community. For all Binns students, no article of clothing or accessory shall be worn that distracts from the educational process. Clothing is to be neat, clean and modest. For more information please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook.
School Mascot & Color
   The Binns Bulldog
   Red, Black and White
Arrival & Dismissal
Students are NOT to arrive before 8:40am as there is no one on duty to supervise them.
ALL students will enter the building through the front door on Binns Blvd.
    The front driveway is a one way road, please follow the signs accordingly. Cars are to pull up to the sidewalk, drop off their child, and continue out the driveway exit. If you choose to walk your child inside, you must park in a designated parking space or on the street in permitted areas. Cars are not allowed to park in the drop off lane or the through traffic lane.
   Walkers will be dismissed from the north doors of the building, by the main playground.
   Car riders-teachers in grades 1-5 will walk their classes out the front doors. Cars are to pull up to the sidewalk, pick up their child, and continue out the driveway exit. The line of cars waiting for dismissal is to form as close to the sidewalk as possible and as far to the exit as possible. Please stay in your car, move out quickly when you have your child, and do not double park in the line as the outside lane is for through traffic only.
   Kindergarten students will be dismissed at the back parking lot area off of Briggs Road. Teachers will bring the children out through their classroom doors to the kindergarten playground. The parent or designee must pick up the child from the teacher at the playground.
   As buses arrive, bus riders will board their bus through the back doors. Staff will assist all bus riders in getting where they need to be and on the correct bus.
Principal - Joel Grant
(614) 365-5911  |   1080 Binns Blvd. Columbus, OH 43204
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