Elementary School
Special Services for Students
Although Binns has four special education classrooms and a tutor, some of these services are not available at our building. Placement would be made at another Columbus City School where transportation would be made available, if necessary.
Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Team:
Students with academic, behavioral, and/or attendance concerns may be referred to this group of staff members and parents to develop intervention plans to help meet each child's specific needs. In some cases, special education needs may be suspected and further testing may result.
School Counselor:
A school counselor is available two days a week to work with students on a variety of needs. The counselor works with whole classrooms, with small groups and with individuals as needed.
A school psychologist is available one day a week to assist teachers and parents in appraising and evaluating academic capabilities as well as special learning problems of students.
Special Education:
Students who have an identified need such as Speech & Language, Learning Disability, Cognitively Delayed, Multi-handicapped, Emotional Disturbance, Visually Handicapped, Hearing Impaired etc. are provided services. Each identified student is provided an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to meet the child's specific needs.
Speech & Hearing Therapist:
A therapist is available two and a half days a week for those who show evidence of needing assistance and qualify for services.
Occupational/Physical Therapists:
Therapists are available one day a week for those students who qualify for services.
Gifted & Talented:
If your child is identified as gifted and talented, he/she will have the opportunity to work with a gifted and talented teacher at Binns as determined by state guidelines.
Reading Intervention Tutors:
There are reading tutors that work with kindergarten through third grade students daily that qualify for the extra intervention.
The expectations and procedures of the school are designed to allow each student to obtain a safe, orderly and appropriate education.
The Binns staff has a commitment to providing a quality education to its students. To achieve this goal, students must consistently be in attendance at school. Our staff expects students to come to school prepared to learn. Students should arrive on time and be ready to participate in their education. For the most effective learning of the students, it is important that they stay in class for the entire school day. If there is an emergency or a doctor's appointment that cannot be scheduled for a time outside of school hours that requires students to leave early, they must be signed out by a parent/guardian.
Binns uses Columbus Public Schools approved curriculum in the areas of: reading, math, language arts, science, social studies, health, art, music and physical education.
Homework is a necessary tool for helping to reinforce skills learned at school. Parent interest and support in the completion of daily homework is essential for student academic growth and success. When your child does not have homework, he/she should read or be read to every evening. Please check your child's book bag each evening.
Principal - Joel Grant
(614) 365-5911  |   1080 Binns Blvd. Columbus, OH 43204
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